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The best WordPress themes for a personal blog

This modern age is definitely difficult to define and categorize. Traditional forms of generational and historical analysis are becoming less applicable as the world becomes more dynamic. Things are changing at such a rapid pace; nothing and no one can follow, and nothing is constant over time.

This is a time when businesses and governments are rising and falling as quickly as entering information. A time when mobile applications are coming more and more strongly to the market. In this chaotic and courageous new world, one element remains eternal but constantly evolving, constant: Technology.

Technological presence is the epitome of the 21st century and even the current decade is often defined as a technologically mobile era. Technology is an almost ubiquitous part of the present and technology will be even more ubiquitous in the future. Those who venture into technology and technology-related businesses will most likely make a wise choice that will make this wave a success. Provided, of course, that they can swim, rather than sink, in the turbulent seas of the canvas.

The list of best WordPress themes that we offer you today is made up of professional and powerful themes whose primary goal will be to help you create any website for a technology company. Without further ado, we invite you to consult our list, and above all, do not hesitate to leave us your comments and remarks in the section dedicated to them.


Divi is a visually stunning and technologically innovative versatile and multi-faceted WordPress website theme. Also, it is adapted to social media and retina-ready, easily customizable, and intuitively navigable, clean and readable, streamlined, and adaptive. Divi is a particularly flexible and malleable WordPress theme, specially developed to meet the needs of website development for small businesses, also adapting very well to a personal blog. Not to mention its famous site builder Divi.3.0 tools.


Softa is a WordPress theme, with a modern and clean look that offers an excellent library of features, dedicated to helping you create any business website of software, web applications, and others. It offers different options for navigating the home page, improving the user experience on your website. It is a WordPress theme inspired by webmasters with a penchant for aesthetics and for companies that are looking for a powerful platform to showcase the product it offers.

It comes with 5 different home pages, 25 internal page templates, an excellent color manager, support for the Visual Composer plugin, a responsive layout, 2 blog variants, excellent typography, a price list, a testimonial section, video support, and many others.


MagPlus is ideal for an online magazine blog. Indeed, if you plan to create a website for recipes, fashion, travel, sports or to write articles for any other type of subject. Above all, do not limit your imagination to the image we present to you of the theme. Instead, watch the 40 demos offered with the theme to understand all the possibilities.


Rosemary is a high-quality WordPress theme. It is ideal for blogging and is designed to complement and enhance your artistic content. It reaches the pinnacles of elegance through the path of simplicity by balancing high performance and conviviality. Going against the dark and gloomy tendency of certain sites, Rosemary is clear and uncluttered. This theme will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on visitors to your page.

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Typology is a theme that focuses its efforts on bringing your content to the fore. Indeed, its minimalist design is sleek and very elegant, thus putting your items in the foreground. Although in the first images of the demo we do not see any images, the theme offers the possibility of integrating photographs in an equally elegant way. This is a website template that I recommend more to writers, journalists or any other type of blog more focused on writing content.


If you’re looking for a theme with different visuals for different types of blogs, Jannah is great. Indeed, the different styles of its demos demonstrate the versatility that this template offers. In terms of features, you will find everything you are looking for for a personal blog, travel, or photographs.

An unusual feature is a possibility of being able to add sticky videos, that is to say, which can remain at the top of the web page when a user scrolls from top to bottom. Like on Facebook actually. Responsive is also well integrated and makes browsing on mobile platforms pleasant.

The League

The League  is top thems in the best WordPress themes specially designed for sports blogs. You will find different theme-specific modules for viewing sports match results, videos, match schedules, and much more. You can also distribute all kinds of advertising banners as well as a wallpaper type banner.


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