Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Welcome to the page regarding the confidentiality policy concerning Indian news website.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how Tech News Stories collects and uses information about prospects visiting our site for its own marketing with other companies.

We have enacted a separate privacy policy for consumer data used in comments that Tech News Stories compiles and provides to other organizations.

Tech News Stories is not responsible for their privacy practices. We recommend that you read their privacy policies when you leave our site.

“Personal data” is data that makes it possible to identify an individual directly or indirectly within the meaning of the law.


We respect the privacy of individuals. This privacy policy explains:

Who we are

What types of data we hold about you

The people with whom we may share your data

Data retention period

Our technologies and cookies

Your rights

Any other useful information

Who are we ?

People who wish to contact us about data protection are invited to do so:

By mail to Tech News Stories .

By email to

What types of personal data do we hold about you and how is it obtained?

Tech News Stories holds personal data about its customers and prospects such as their names, addresses, email addresses, profession, and telephone numbers. We also use prospecting tools such as “ALF Insights” to obtain contact data.

This information is kept in an identifiable or aggregated form, for the purposes presented below. We do not hold sensitive data as defined by data protection laws.

Certain parts of this site allow you to request information from Tech News Stories.

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To encourage and manage customer relationships

To organize work, management and strategic decision-making

Tech News Stories also works with service providers to help us develop accessible services on the website, provide content and respond to requests made on this site. However, in these cases, the information you provide remains the property of Tech News Stories.

In addition Tech News Stories shares information (such as IP address and aggregated information such as number of site visitors and traffic) with third party service providers, to improve the accessibility of the website and services provided on the site.

Tech News Stories may be not required to communicate personal data in accordance with a legal provision or to comply with a legal procedure.

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How long do we keep your personal data?

The data retention period is ten years for customer and prospect data used for business-to-business marketing. We also keep the data necessary to maintain a deletion file; that way, if we get someone’s data again, we know we shouldn’t be using it.

Tech News Stories takes data security very seriously. We invest considerably to keep our systems and sites secure in order to prevent any breach of your data by a person who is not authorized to do so.

Your personal data ( like email id, mobile number names and more they are you can provide the  in comments and other ways) cannot be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) unless adequate protection is put in place, legitimizing such a transfer. This includes the standard European Union clauses or the Privacy Shield for transfers to the United States.

All the companies of the Tech News Stories group are located in the India, are certified by the Privacy Shield, a self-certification.

To meet a specific request, the information you provide may be shared within Tech News Stories entities.

Our cookies and similar technologies

Tech News Stories uses technologies that help to understand which parts of the site are most often visited and which habits are on the pages of the site.

Cookies – This site uses cookies to adapt web content to the capacity of your browser. You can configure your browser to notify the presence of cookies and give you the possibility to decide whether or not to accept them. If you refuse cookies, you can still use the site but some functions will be limited. For more information on our cookies, see our Introduction to cookies HERE page and our cookie policy HERE.

Sensors – In order to determine your ability to receive HTML emails, Tech News Stories may include a coded sensor in its emails. The sensor activates when the email is opened and signals that the recipient’s email address is suitable for receiving HTML emails. This code allows us to send you emails in a readable format, allowing us to track the total number of emails read and to measure, in aggregate form, if any of the links in the email have been accessed. No other information is collected or used. If the recipient cannot receive HTML email, they will not receive a sensor.

Our services are related to all types of news notifications.

What are your rights?

Individuals can exercise their rights to access and correct their personal data, withdraw their consent, erase their data, limit the processing of their data and the right to portability of their data at any time.

Other information

Legal basis for processing – Tech News Stories uses personal data mentioned in this privacy policy on the basis of the legitimate interest and that of its news updates services.

Transfer of assets – To the extent that Tech News Stories develops its activities, a change of control of Tech News Stories.

Modification of our privacy policy – Tech News Stories reserves the right to update and revise this confidentiality policy in order to take into account any regulatory legislative change. Any changes we may make to our privacy policy will be posted on this page which contains the date of the last update.