How to utilize TikTok for brand promotion
How to utilize TikTok for brand promotion

How to utilize TikTok for brand promotion

How to utilize TikTok for brand promotion : Gone are the days when the vine app was new fever, in recent past, musically and TikTok app have collaborated to give rise to most rapidly growing short-form video app.without a doubt, TikTok is right at the paramount when it comes to short video creation.

It facilitates the user with at most 15-second video creation, all doesn’t end here, it also enables us to compile several of them together to formulate stories as good as of 60 seconds.

Right from the very beginning of the merger, TikTok has surged new horizons, thanks to the aggressive marketing carried out by the company.

How good is TikTok for brand promotion!!

As per the sensor tower, until the first quarter of 2018, TikTok was the most downloaded iOS app worldwide. other than it’s entertainment servings, can its marketing potential be tapped off?

Well pretty much.

There are people already into it. however, they are struggling a bit while devising an exquisite content. Hence its need of an hour for brands to swiftly find their way out to adaption and experimentation.

For that matter, businesses can exploit the app to market together with promoting and building brand loyalty. They can utilize the tremendous potential of this platform by showcasing the videos and creating a buzz around naïve products.

Here are the ways to do it :

  1. Make Use the TikTok videos as product demos

There comes a time, while as a brand you intend to launch a new product, and there TikTok can come handy, for the purpose as little as product demos.

It could prove out to be the best deal since the video is the best medium to demonstrate the product.

 Especially if you are a start-up, this platform can be utilized for the best of what you got and to cater to the glimpse of your business for the business marketing purpose. If you got lucky doing it, who knows your video can be the next internet sensation.

And that could be the biggest boost to your brand visibility as well as to sales.

2.promote through TikTok challenges

It’s a sort of open to all challenges incorporated by TikTok.brands can easily ripe the fruits of this new marketing strategy. if clicked correctly, you will see your brand marketing surging new heights exponentially.

Several media personalities are ripping the fruits already, while several others have joined the league too.

It’s not restricted to them only, top brands can also try their hand on it. Tiktok could be the best fitting for especially those brands who want to see results abruptly.

3.   Tiktok as a product promotion medium

Barely there could be a better alternative for entrepreneurs to endorse their products and services than social media as part of social media marketing As it opens your door to billions of people all over the lengths and breadth of the globe.

What it does is, assist entrepreneurs to extend their reach to potential customers. In addition, the video serves as a compelling and stand apart medium for the marketing purpose, presenting amazing opportunity To get people attracted and interested in their products and services 

4. Benefit from the use of TikTok videos as crowdfunding pitch

Crowdfunding could be a go-to alternative for entrepreneurs and require fundraising for the same. although it is sort of tricky thing, raising money from the crowdfunding platforms is easier said than done.

Firstly, you got to invest a great deal of effort to persuade your prospective investors to get them invested in your project. Here TikTok could emerge as a saviour if you do with creativity and proper knacks.

It is one of the best sources to create the buzz revolving your startup ideas. for instance, you can strategize a video to convey vital information regarding your project.

However, there is a large pool of people who argue that TikTok is too concise a medium for the purpose. that doesn’t translate to one should not try on that. since there is a good possibility that few investors could love your video if it’s enough creative.

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5. Advertising on app

It is already equipped with platform exclusively built for advertisers. For a brand looking to advertise on this medium can accomplish it in four different ways.

•       Brand takeovers 

Sticking to this format, the brand marketing takes the charge for a day with Gifs, images and videos and links connected to hashtag challenges or landing pages.

•       Branded lenses

Pretty analogous to Snapchat’s 3D and 2D lenses, users can add them to content.

•       Hashtag challenges

Rather than letting it allow to go viral on its own, you can get benefitted by promoted hashtags to attain greater engagement.

•       Native content

This format is fairly similar to Snapchat and story adds and caters multiple objectives for instance clicks targeted for webpage or downloads of the app.

Apart from expanding your horizons with advertising, you can also bank upon it’s targeting option to fetch the precise audience you are intending to target.

How to utilize  TikTok for brand promotion
How to utilize TikTok for brand promotion

Tiktok for business marketing

As it’s popularly held, TikTok is primarily for excitement, creativity and fun. Hence these are the elements which are the must-have ones.

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Other than that you got to make sure that you have it, what it takes to be creative and adding fun will be the icing on the cake. The greater you behave in a friendly manner and the more respect you proffer to your audience along with having a good awareness of their nature and identity, the greater the possibility it poses of your branding success.

The whopping number of brands and huge corporations are without a clue when it comes to making the most of social media marketing. if you are contemplating to make the one for your company then make sure that it lives up to expectations by ticking all the boxes. i.e – excitement, fun and creativity.

At the same time, it should be clean, authentic and pro-quality content. also, you need to keep into account for its purity and decency as there is a large pool of children being part of the TikTok community, which comprise the big fraction of the total audience overall.

Making a content which offends any of the community or group isn’t a great option for sure.

Wrapping up

As there is an ever-escalating plurality being noticed of the TikTok app, it opens several doors for the people who are having a startup or established brand. Due to its ample marketing potential, it’s worth trying once, as it’s never too late.


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