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How to properly reference your search optimization | Optimize your SEO

What is natural referencing?

Search optimization : Natural referencing, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), aims to position the web pages of your website in the top results of search engines, such as Google. Since its creation, Google has used its robots to index all web pages. Natural referencing encompasses techniques and methods aimed at improving the visibility of these web pages, to better go up naturally in search engine queries.

Natural website SEO is part of a digital marketing strategy, or e-marketing strategy, which requires a lot of rigor. In addition to inbound traffic, SEO increases awareness of a brand, its website, or a product on the internet.

Why is natural referencing essential ?

The world has more than 1.4 billion websites on the internet. Multiply this figure by an average of 10 pages per website, we let you calculate the total number of pages indexed by Google. Internet users don’t have the time, they want relevant results, right now. It is therefore vital for a brand to appear in the first results following search queries. Do you know many who went to the second Google page for more results? Optimizing your website by applying the search engine indexing rules is essential.

Too many companies still underestimate the natural referencing of their website. However, it enriches keywords and key expressions, pillars of a solid structure. As a flagship, it is the natural referencing that will support in the long term, the visibility of your site on the web.

What is paid SEO for search optimization ?

Paid SEO, or SEA (Search Engine Advertising), means search engine advertising. This involves placing “sponsored links” at the top of the SERPs. Unlike SEO, SEA is paid to reference. We pay Google to appear in its first results. Advertising space can quickly become expensive since it is a question of targeting precise requests thanks to a set of keywords, bought at performance per click.

The announcements take the form of classic texts, or PLA (Product Listing Ads), listing products. The SEA, well configured, can quickly push certain pages of a website in the first results. But this ephemeral solution requires a substantial and regular budget. With this type of advertising, traffic often disappears as quickly as it arrived, as soon as you stop your campaigns.

Why Marketing Research is Important

What is social referencing?

Social referencing, or SMO (Search Media Optimization), encompasses all of the techniques and methods aimed at developing brand image, a company’s service offerings on social networks. The SMO is largely inspired by SEO. If it could be considered at one time as a component of SEO, SMO is today a discipline in its own right in digital marketing. Beyond the referencing of different posts on social networks, the discipline of SMO concerns the referencing of the formats of these posts. For example, the optimization of the elements structuring a YouTube video.

Social referencing is aimed at all individuals, brands, companies. It allows you to control its presence on all social networks, measure the impact of its messages and by extension, its visibility on the internet in general. Note that we do not communicate in the same way on different social networks.

What is local SEO?

Local referencing, or geolocated referencing, brings together all the techniques and methods aimed at increasing the visibility of the activity of a company, of a brand, with nearby customers. Local SEO is positioned in response to a geolocated request, such as a “website creation agency in Paris.” Particularly appreciated by service companies, the objective of this referencing is to reach local customers when they are looking for information on a product or service nearby. A problem in the water supply pipes, what is the point of having the contact details of a plumber in Marseille when I am located in Paris? 95% of smartphone users seek local information.

Local SEO is increasingly linked to Google voice search, which offers great opportunities to local businesses. Moreover, it is not uncommon (77% of mobile users) that a geolocated voice search generates a direct action: a trip to the store, phone call. To learn more, you can read this blog article: Google voice search: SEO impact and opportunity.

Which SEO to choose?

The ideal answer would be to combine the different forms of referencing, to act on several levers. Depending on the type of business, the objective, and its positioning, a referral sometimes works better than another. You have to use strategy (and also common sense) to identify the most useful SEO method for your business before applying it.

The SEO to choose also depends on the time and budget available to your business. Natural referencing is carried out over several months, with great rigor, for long-term results. While a paid listing requires spending a greater or lesser amount, for short-term results. If you are a fitness club and aim to attract traffic to your gym, local SEO and SMO can be very helpful.

How to optimize your SEO to go back to Google?

Google is a media. The largest media on the web. Every day, its robots index new sites and new pages of content. The different forms of SEO that we mentioned to you above require technical knowledge, specific expertise, to optimize the SEO of your content pages. Optimizing the referencing of your website, to gain visibility on the web, involves using a lot of levers, linked to indexing and Google’s “requirements”.

To optimize the referencing of your website, you will also need to structure your pages, your content (articles, videos), to inform the main tags, to connect your social networks in short, there is a job. The Google search engine has also set up a free Google Natural Search Guide available to webmasters. It doesn’t reveal all of the kept secrets of effective optimization, but that’s not bad.

How long does it take to reference a site?

This is the question that comes up most often when talking about a natural referencing strategy for a site: “How long before observing the first results? The time frame is very variable. It can range from several weeks to several months, depending on the involvement of the teams on the subject, or the quality of the SEO agency you choose. You have to take into account the existing structure of your website (SEO audit), the deadlines imposed by Google. Even your industry will influence the waiting time for the first results.

The natural referencing of a site requires skills, experience, and hard work. So time. It’s about studying what exists, setting up action plans, working on content, pages, tags, internal and external links and getting Google to capture this new data. The time may, therefore, be more or less long, but the effects are long-term.

A cake takes time to be cooked: between the composition, the mixture of flavors, the mold, the baking, until the decoration is meticulous but once successful, it looks good on a table, and it makes you want. The same goes for your website.

search optimization

What is an on-site natural referencing?

On-site natural referencing includes all the elements that make up the structure of web pages. It is essential for your website, your content, to appear prominently in organic results linked to your keywords. Creating a website is good. But creating a well-referenced website is better. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main elements found in on-site referencing:

Html tags (title, h1, h2 tags, meta description)

Content architecture (main subject)

The quality and originality of the content

The name of the URLs (keywords)

Rich snippets

The density of keywords and keyword phrases in the content

The relevance and the semantic field around these keywords and key expressions

The responsive web design side of the site – mobile friendly.

What is an off-site natural referencing?

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Unlike on-site natural referencing, off-site natural referencing refers to inbound links on your site (Netlinking). By increasing the quality backlinks from popular sites or networks, you increase the reach of your website and influence its positioning in search engines.

In other words, Google judges that if a popular site talks about you, it may be that your content is interesting. Suddenly, its algorithm acts naturally to show this interesting content to the greatest number. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main elements found in off-site referencing:

The popularity of your site and its content

The presence and active use of social networks (social links)

The number of comments on external sites, and their quality, which refers to your site

The number of links (Netlinking and backlinks) from other sites

 The more inbound links you get, the more popularity and visibility you will get on the internet. However, be careful to consider the quality of these links. If they come from sites with a bad reputation, they will be of no use and will serve you. 10 backlinks from reputable and influential sites are better than 200 backlinks from sites with a bad reputation.

Why is it important to choose good keywords?

Keyword research is one of the fundamentals of an SEO strategy. The chosen keywords must be the subject of a meticulous study, insofar as the primary objective of your site is to receive a maximum of quality visitors to sell your products, to present your services. Depending on your internal resources, it is possible to conduct this study yourself or entrust it to a web marketing agency that will be in charge of the SEO of your site.

What are Backlinks
What are Backlinks

What we take into account most often in keyword research:

traffic generated by the keyword: number of times this keyword is typed, searched on Google.

the quality of the visits generated by this keyword: you will have an idea of the potential conversion rate depending on the keyword. A quality visitor can, for example, buy a product directly on your site, or simply spend time reading relevant information.

the level of interest of the keyword: you can consider that if several companies choose this keyword to position themselves, it means that it is potentially interesting. It’s up to the SEO expert to judge if it’s worth fighting over this keyword for better Google positioning.

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We could write an entire article on keyword research, the factors of choice, relevance… so many criteria are there (have you already been told about your industry? Ah yes). If it is often difficult to position yourself on generic keywords (for example “web agency”) SEO becomes very interesting on key phrases, known as “long tail”. “

What is the “long tail”?

The “long tail” concerns key phrases of several words (on average more than 4 words). Its use allows you to position yourself on more relevant, more qualifying queries. For example, it will be easier to position yourself on a “marketing automation agency in Paris” rather than a “marketing agency. »If key phrases are by definition less popular than generic keywords, they have the merit of generating more qualified traffic, therefore of bringing in Internet users who are more interested in your products or services, (therefore) to increase your conversion rate. Where we talk about a 0.2% conversion rate on a specific keyword, it is on average 5% on a keyword expression.

Keep it to yourself, if a site is on the first page of a search engine on a generic keyword, it does not mean that it generates more traffic than a site that ranks on search queries. specific expressions and above all that it generates more sales. Voice search also favors “long tail” queries, because a user will be able to more easily query their smartphone on expressions, rather than typing keywords.

How much does a web SEO strategy cost?

Natural referencing at a cost, but often difficult to determine. It depends on each company, the needs and the working time necessary to justify the first results. Typically, an SEO strategy starts with an SEO audit of the existing one, then continues with writing articles, creating good quality backlinks related to your industry, monitoring, and analysis.

A basic SEO audit does not have the same cost as a detailed SEO audit, writing a 300-word article does not have the same cost as writing a 2000-word article, the subject covered may be overflown or on the contrary, deepened… in short. You understand the cost depends on the work to be provided and the quality of this work. Most of the time, SEO agencies offer you packages linked to your needs (audit + writing 3 articles + 10 backlinks for example). Count around (at least) 10,000 euros a year for a VSE / SME, for serious work, and up to several thousand euros for large account companies.


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