How to make money online With YouTube By Monetizing Your Videos
How to make money online With YouTube By Monetizing Your Videos

In recent years, with the development of the Internet and new technologies, many new professions have appeared. Among them is that of the Youtuber, a profession that seems to make it possible to earn a significant income. If you like videos and think you have things to say to users, you may have imagined trying your luck on this platform.

We will give you some tips and you will know how to make the most money with your own short films.

Monetize a video

Not all videos posted on YouTube are compatible with generating additional revenue. To hope for remuneration, however small it is, it is essential to monetize the video. To do this, you naturally have to have your own account and personal channel on YouTube. In parallel, it is necessary to be able to use an Adsense account.

The most common problem is the copyright rule. Concretely, for video content to earn you money, whether it is a few euros or several thousand, you absolutely must be in possession of all the rights. For example, you can’t use music because you enjoy it, even if it’s just background music.

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So, if you want to add some music to your content, you will have to compose it yourself (it is possible with different software specially designed for it). Otherwise, you can also choose from a large number of possibilities, by going to sites providing royalty-free sounds.

Increase the number of views and stimulate engagement

On YouTube, if you see your view counter panicking, this is obviously a good sign. However, note that the number of views is not everything. To attract the attention of advertisers (those who will pay you to add advertising on your content), it is especially important that your videos are watched for a maximum of time. For example, if you post mini films of about twenty minutes, but your viewers only stay a minute or two on this medium, you will not be effective.

Ideally, start with short videos, about 5 minutes long, to keep visitors’ attention from start to finish. You also need to get reactions from your community: “thumbs up”, materializing that they enjoyed the video and comments. The more your video is shared on social media, the better the chances of earning money with it.

To make your presence on this platform as profitable as possible, it is therefore necessary that each of your videos has meaning. Create your own style, try to stand out from the many other “Youtubers” on the web and always make sure to design interesting content, which really brings something to the user (whether advice, humor or still information on a very particular universe).

Advertising and product placement: how does it work?

If you want to make money with YouTube, you naturally have to go through the advertising stage. These must be activated before each video. It’s impossible to tell you how much you will earn for 1,000 or 2,000 views, because the amounts awarded do not depend solely on the number of views, but rather on the power of the creator on YouTube. Thus, if you are considered to be a very influential person, with equal number of views, you will earn more money than someone starting out in the community.

Certain advertisements are paid only if the Internet user has spent a minimum of time on the video. Again, you have to make sure that every visitor is motivated to watch the entire video, because too premature departures are negative for you.

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In addition to the announcements that snap at the start of the video or even during viewing, you can also get started in product placement. To achieve this, you must already have a certain notoriety, because brands are only interested in personalities who have a good community behind them. Also, note that fans do not always appreciate this initiative: when you do this type of work, be transparent and announce it from the start. Of course, you have to alternate between videos with and without product placement: if you create each video content for a brand, your community will quickly turn to other YouTubers – and you risk losing your credibility with brands.

Writing, filming, editing, post-production: a full-time job

Do you hope YouTube becomes a real source of income? If so, be prepared to spend a lot of time tweaking your content. Indeed, in front of the incredible quantity of online videos on the platform, it will be necessary to redouble your imagination to arouse the interest of the community. Find original ideas, have enough creativity to write interesting scripts, in order to interpret them in the best possible way at the time of filming.

After preparing and recording the video, you will also have to take the time to edit, knowing that this work is quite time-consuming. Concretely, if you create a 5-minute video, it will take little time to watch it. But you will have to spend several hours designing it!

Over time, with practice, editing can become almost automatic and less time-consuming. Despite everything, in order for the work to always be successful, rigor remains essential.

So making money on YouTube is a real job. Many people dedicate their lives to it because it usually takes very careful organization to run such a business. If you dream of monetizing your presence on the platform, you already have the information to start. In the beginning, you probably won’t earn enough money to make a living from it, but you will have the possibility of obtaining additional income (which is always appreciated). And if you manage to climb the ranks, you may become an “influential person” likely to earn, each month, several hundred or thousands of euros thanks to your videos.


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