How to ensure the success of an Adwords campaign?
How to ensure the success of an Adwords campaign?

Adwords campaign management : A Google Adwords campaign will be run in a completely different way from that of an SEO. The reason is simple. It costs more and remains more delicate. However, the success of an Adwords campaign will ensure a good return on investment. But how do you go about ensuring its effectiveness ?

A – A well managed campaign

Adwords SEO is a paid SEO, also known as commercial SEO. Given the fairly large investments and the need to generate a good return on investment, campaign management must be carefully thought out.

First, create an Adwords account and organize it to ensure its practicality and efficiency. Then bet on the relevance as well as the cohesion of the ideas and subjects that form the basis of your campaigns.

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Managing and tracking things like conversion rate, online and offline campaign results, and tag results shouldn’t be overlooked.

Specific tools exist for optimal management of campaigns.

B – The choice of advertisements and channels

Don’t confine yourself to just one model of advertising. Test several. The results of these experiments will allow you to see which method offers the best transformation rate (prospects / buyers). You will therefore opt for the technique with the highest conversion rate.

Optimizing an Adwords campaign also relies on the content and presentation of advertisements. Whether you have chosen image, video or text supports (or all three at the same time), the objective will be to get the user to click on your advertisement rather than on another.

In addition, it is preferable to design the campaigns according to the tools preferred by Internet users to connect. You will be able to distinguish the traffic coming from fixed terminals and that coming from mobile devices, and have a clear vision of your ROI.

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Finally, first put your money into the search network to launch your campaign. This solution will not only guarantee better targeting of prospects, but it will also give you a more or less clear overview of the keywords that you will use on the Display network.

C – The selection of keywords

Choosing keywords is a delicate step, especially since you will have to pay for their use.

Of course, logic will want you to choose only the keywords and phrases related to your activity. However, you don’t necessarily have to select keywords that always relate to your topic. You can bet on the paradox of broad targeting and negative keywords; these words and expressions which are sometimes incompatible with your activity, but which bring out relevant search results.


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