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How to create AdMob account ? | AdMob account Sign Up

How to create AdMob Account ? : Google Admob is a very popular mobile application promotion and earning tool around the world. Admob helps mobile application publishers to set up ads and track their ads performance and earning in Google AdSense Account. Here we discuss about how to create an AdMob account with step by step. Admob account sing up is described here with few easy steps.

What is AdMob ?

What is AdMob ?
What is AdMob ?

Google AdMob┬áis Google’s advertising platform for promote and monetizing mobile applications. By using Google Admob you can earn easily using your Android or I phone Application or by using any other mobile application. Admob is a very popular platform by using that users can earn easily money by using their Mobile application. Google Admob help user to set up ads properly using graphical dashboard and earn money by using your Mobile application.

Steps to create Admob Account :

  1. First visit Google Admob Home page
create AdMob account

2. Click on Sign Up button to create admob account.

3. Now login here using your old google account or if you don’t have a google account then create a new google account here.

4. After successfully creation of Google AbMob account you can use Google Admob for your application promotion.

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How to use Google Admob account for your Application promotion :

  1. First add your mobile application here.
  2. Create Ad units for displaying ads on your mobile application. You can create various types ads.
  3. And finally publish your Mobile application to promotion. So now you can earn money using Google Admob account.

Use Google Admob for earn money :

You can earn money easily using google admob when you set up ads to your mobile application and publish the application. Admob helps to Mobile application publishers to promote their application and earn money with very easy manner.


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