How to Change font in Telegram

Telegram is a secure messaging application. On the web version of the app, you can send bold text in your discussion threads after the change font in Telegram.

  1. Open Telegram web in your browser. You can type in the browser’s address bar, then press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

If you are not automatically logged into the web version of Telegram, you will first need to verify your account by entering your phone number and a security code.

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You can also download the desktop version of the application and install it on your computer.

  • Click on a discussion thread in the left panel. Find the contact or group you want to interact with and click on their name. The conversation will then open on the right of the window.
  • Type your message in the input bar. This text field is at the bottom of the conversation and it says “Write a message” in it.

4. Place two asterisks on each side of the text. When you send the message, these symbols will disappear and your text will appear in bold.

Your message should look like ** that ** before sending.

5. Send the message. Just click on the blue paper plane symbol, Telegram logo, to the right of your message. Your contact will then receive it and will see the part between asterisks in bold.

The asterisks will not be visible to your contact.

If you want more details about the “How to Change font in Telegram” read terms and conditions on telegram official page.

And download the app now on google play store. Telegram App on Google Play Store


Here were presented the basic options, functionalities and other secret functions of the messaging that only few people know. Some of these options may be useful, others not, but all of them, to some extent, improve the program, as well as make it easier to use.

In the future, during the next update, the list of available functionalities may change or be renewed.

You can also italicize text by placing your text between two underscores. Your message should then have _this_ form before sending.


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