How does Whatsapp work
How does Whatsapp work

How does Whatsapp work | What is Whatsapp and how does it work ?

How does Whatsapp work : Whatsapp, and the operation of this useful messaging application, are known to all smartphone owners. This application allow user to communicate with their contact without having to make a call or send an SMS, provided they have an internet connection. This App is available for iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC and all other major platform. The use of this software is free for phones with a plan allowing access to the Internet or a plan including the use of instant messaging.

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How to use WhatsApp?

You can download the app to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) through the Google Play Store or other services. After installation, you are asked to create an account so that you can find out how WhatsApp works? : save your mobile number and confirm it with the code you will receive. Once you successfully install this application you can use it free of cost. Before being bought by Facebook, the application became chargeable after 1 year of use. This is no longer the case, and you will be able to take the time necessary to understand the application and find out how to use WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp work?

Working of WhatsApp : To be able to use this application, you need an Internet connection (wifi or mobile data). How to use WhatsApp once the Internet connection is made? You can only communicate with people who have also installed WhatsApp on their smartphones. Select the corresponding contact in your application and start sending messages or files in the same way as with text messages.

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What is WhatsApp for via friends? If some of your friends are not on iPhone and therefore you cannot create a discussion group via iMessage, WhatsApp can fulfill this role! No more iOS / Android incompatibility issues.

Main applications

WhatsApp synchronizes with your contact list and identifies people with the software among their mobile applications. It allows you to update your status based on the activity you are doing, for example, so you can report that you are busy with your contacts.

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There is no need to review the application periodically because if a contact opens a conversation or sends a file, an application notification will appear on your home screen. Unlike other instant messaging applications that allow smartphones to communicate exclusively between those with the same telephone operator, WhatsApp allows for example communication between an iPhone and an Android and vice versa.

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Other advantages

No need to create a Messenger username and password as WhatsApp works with your phone number. You will also be able to share your location with your contacts.

Little parenthesis

Do not panic, it is not dangerous for your Android, it will simply infect you if one of your contacts, without his knowledge, Just go to Settings, Applications, Downloaded, click on the WhatsApp icon and once on the application page, Clear data.


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