Facebook schedule post 5
Facebook schedule post 5

Facebook schedule post best time

Facebook schedule post best time : This is an important question because if you publish at the right time, your readers will be more active (comments, shares, clicks, etc.), a bonus for your blog. But how do you know What is the best time to post to Facebook?

Does the ideal time exist?

There have been many studies trying to define the ideal time to post on each social network. They are interesting to get an idea of trends but in my opinion, you have to think in a more “personal” way.

Regarding Facebook, if you target individuals, some studies indicate that the ideal timing is to post

Facebook schedule post
Facebook schedule post

Around 9 am-10am;

Around 12 pm-1pm;

Around 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

About your theme – Depending on the time of day, a user will be more or less receptive to certain subjects. For example, on topics related to the web, the bulk of the articles are shared in the early morning because it corresponds to the time when people “wake up” for the day.

From your target – Are you targeting an audience of professionals, amateurs? What do you offer them? For example, a service intended for professionals may especially affect people in the middle of the week and during office hour  whereas a site for ideas for outings may arouse greater interest in the evenings and weekends, or when people take breaks from their day.

Facebook schedule post 5

Facebook schedule post best time ?

View statistics on Facebook Insights

Direction Facebook Insights by clicking on “Statistics” when you are on your Facebook page,  then go to the Publications section.

The “When your fans are online” tab shows you a graph showing the average attendance per hour of the day.

For example, for the site below, we see that it is around 11am that activity seems to be the highest on average and that fans of the page are most present on Facebook.

You can also see the success of the page according to the days of the week… and by moving the mouse over a specific day, you will see the traffic curve specific to a day.

For example, on the site below, we see that the most active day is Sunday and that on Friday, there are on average more visitors connected in the early morning than other days.

Facebook schedule post 1

By observing the table of your latest publications, you will be able to identify the posts that have worked best and look at the times when they were published. A precious element of analysis to decide the best time to post on Facebook.

Here for example, here is the case of a brand that organized two contests of a similar nature. The first contest was announced at 8 a.m., the second at 6:47 p.m.

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Look at the results: the 6:47 p.m. post was much more successful and reached many more people without advertising.

For a brand or a professional, this is a good way to save money because by posting at the right time on Facebook, you will avoid having to spend the advertising budget to boost a post.

You can also do the exercise by looking at the “Interactions” column or looking at what type of post is most successful.

Here for example, I see that the posts with the lowest click through rates were all sent in the morning.

You will get an Excel file which will be easier to handle. In the “Key metrics” tab, you will see in particular a “Lifetime Post Total Reach” column which will give you for each published status the number of people it has affected, and a “Lifetime Engaged Users” column which corresponds to the number of people who have interacted in some way with your status.

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It is not necessarily the same and it is also by studying this aspect that you will discover the best time to post on Facebook. For example, on No Tuxedo, “the rush hour” is around 3pm but when I post a new article at 3pm, it is much less commented and shared on social networks than by posting early in the morning.

The same phenomenon exists on Facebook. On the page below for example, we can see that the time when fans of the page are most present on Facebook is around 9 p.m. If you take a closer look at the most popular posts, however, you’ll notice that those posted mid-morning and late afternoon are the most popular.


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